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Atomineer Pro Documentation Development Summary

This extension began development in 1996 (for Visual C++ 4.0), and has been evolving and improving through constant use by software professionals ever since. More recent developments are listed below...

  Now available for Visual Studio 2019  

May 2019

  • Added word-wrap support for multiline comments - /*...*/ in C-style languages and <!--...--> in XML and XAML.
  • Added support for Unreal 'attribute' macros (UFUNCTION and UPROPERTY)
  • Attribute matches using defined="..." now set the %match% variable so the matched attribute name can be used in the generated description.
  • Added the variable %newline%, which allows a newline to be more easily inserted into the description text that's output.
  • Doc All in Scope now handles C# usings inside namespace scopes correctly.
  • Small fixes to the trial version.

April 2019

10.01 (+9.50)
  • Tested Atomineer Pro Doc and Atomineer Spelling in the final Visual Studio 2019 release.
  • Special update to v9.50 for visual studio addin for VS 2005-2013 - Fixes issues with the trial version. (No change to the VS Extension for VS 2015-2019)

March 2019

  • Tested Atomineer Pro Doc and Atomineer Spelling in Visual Studio 2019 preview 3.0 and RC.
  • Improved the documentation editor, adding handling for <para> and <p> markup. Paragraph options have been added to the preferences 'Live Aids' tab to control whether edited text paragraphs are written back to source code using double newlines, or enclosed in para/p markup. Paragraph markup is not added within 'example' entries.
  • Improved parsing and round-tripping of description text between source code and the documentation editor, producing more consistent formatting results
  • Fixed an issue where edited documentation was not always written back to the source code after editing if the doc editor view was floating rather than docked.
  • Resolved a parsing problem that could sometimes cause fragments of xml markup to be shown in the editor.
  • Resolved an issue with reinserting edited comments with some /* ...*/ block styles that resulted in a spurious extra column of indentation.

January 2019

  • Major update: Atomineer Pro Documentation and Atomineer Spelling both now support Visual Studio 2019 Preview (tested with preview versions 1 and 2). Please let us know if you find any issues with Atomineer in this new version of Visual Studio.
  • The old installer for Atomineer for Visual Studio verisons 2005-2013 has now been frozen at version 9.49. In future we only expect to update these old versions if required to resolve serious bugs.
  • Added a <templatemethod> template, to independently control the documentation output for C++ templates.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause markup < characters to be displayed in the document viewer.

December 2018

  • Improved the documentation generated for C# Func<...,TResult> types.
  • Variable replacement in separators now supports all variables available for the code element being processed, rather than just the specialised separator variables previously available.
  • Added a new processing command that can be used when expanding variables. Adding a ':default(TEXT)' command will replace any variable that has become an empty string with a given default value ('TEXT' in this example). The default text can include any character except : or %.
  • Corrected generic casting operators being documented with a spurious typeparam entry.
  • Fixed an incorrect default value in the exception preferences that could cause unexpected behaviour when processing exception entries.
  • Extended the handling of OS environment variables in the rules search path.
  • Improvements in parsing of member variable assignments.
  • Fixed a bug in the handling of aliases in doxygen templates which sometimes caused duplicate entries to be generated
  • Fixed a bug in the handling of 'returns' entries in doxygen templates which could cause it to emit an incorrect alias tag.
  • Corrected _blankEntry handling, which was not always picking up _blankEntry values from the <EntrySettings> section.
  • Fixed a regression that caused #define macros to be incorrectly documented.

November 2018

  • Fixed a processing issue for some operator rules due to a change in the parser output.
  • Update for Atomineer Spelling. Visual Studio 2017 was sometimes causing new and unnecessary instances of the spelling engine to be created and never cleaned up. Under some circumstances after editing many documents this could cause sporadic messages from VS about slowdowns. The fix works around this behaviour of Visual Studio 2017 to ensure that only one spelling engine is ever active at any time.
  • Fixed a bug in Doc All in Scope when processing C++ templates, which caused the code scanner to identify incorrect starting lines for some code elements, causing comments to be generated within the templated declaration rather than above.
  • Added a preference in the Misc section of prefs.xml, EditXmlWithVerb. The default operating system 'verb' is value="edit" which typically runs Notepad for editing XML files, or you can set it to value="open" to use the double-click file association instead.
  • Fixed a conversion issue where typeparam/tparam conversions failed, causing Atomineer to generate spurious new '@tparam' entries in Doxygen comments.
  • Fixed an issue in Suffix removal where merged preference sets were ignored, resulting in configured suffixes not being removed.

October 2018

  • The documentation editor now supports 'see' markup - the references are highlighted in the viewer, and the reference text can be edited. Committing blank text to the reference will remove the 'see' markup from the doc comment when it is updated, and new 'see' references can be inserted into the text from the right-click context menu.
  • The documentation viewer/editor (VS2015/2017) now has a 'lock' mode that switches it between editable and view-only modes, so it can be used without any risk of changing the comments it views. It also has improved icons, supporting high DPI monitors.
  • 'Create C# Property' now supports a 'this.varName' form of property get/set, which can be combined with 'varName' or 'VarName' member format. (Enabled in the 'Other Features' tab in the options)
  • 'Create C# Property' now supports emitting of expression-bodied (lambda) property get/set syntax. (Enabled in the 'Other Features' tab in the options)
  • 'Add C++ Accessors' now supports a 'this->varName' form of property get/set, which can be combined with 'varName' or 'VarName' member format. (Enabled in the 'Other Features' tab in the options)
  • Fixed a parsing issue in 'Add C++ Accessors' where access modifier prefixes are on the same line as a member declaration.
  • Added protection around an API call which was found to (rarely) fail unexpectedly.
  • Added context menu items for the Add Property/Accessor commands.

September 2018

  • More work on extension initialisation to best support changes in Visual Studio startup.
  • Improved C++ parsing to address an issue with access modifier prefixes on the same line as a member declaration.
  • Fixed an issue with code element identification and indentation when parsing member variables preceded by attributes on the same line.

July 2018

  • Under-the-bonnet changes and testing to ensure Atomineer Pro Documentation is compatible with some changes that are coming in Visual Studio 2017 (15.8) and future versions, and testing of these changes in older versions.
  • Updates to Atomineer Spelling for similar forwards compatibility issues.
  • Improvements in Atomineer Spelling's word detection, and a fix for a regression that caused symbols with underscores to be handled as if they were separate words.
  • Fixed an issue in Delete Documentation which could cause single-line comments to not be deleted for some comment block configurations.
  • Fixed a parser categorisation issue that caused incorrect documentation to be generated for some enum entries.

May 2018

  • Updated Atomineer for Atmel Studio 7.0
  • Improvements to the Align Code Into Columns behaviour for C# 7.0 syntax
  • Tested against Visual Studio 15.7 release and 15.8 prerelease builds

April 2018

  • Improvements to text formatting within the Doc Editor view, with better handling of tall narrow aspect layouts and ne template settings for controlling maximum column widths.
  • Improved handling of embedded XML/HTML elements within the Doc Editor
  • Fixed a parsing error that could cause multi-line C++/C# declarations to be incorrectly classified as enum entries
  • Added support for documenting within .cshtml files
  • Addressed a report of unknown failures in Extensions. We could not confirm an actual problem in Atomineer, but have added more exception checks to minimise the risk that Atomineer might cause such reports from Visual Studio.
  • Some changes to our website for renewals, and our company policy information has been updated in light of the introduction of GDPR across Europe.

March 2018

  • Improvements to Typescript/Javascript support. As there is a loit of variation in the syntax of these languages, if you spot anything that Atomineer doesn't handle well, please let us know so we can ensure it's fully supported.
  • More work on Atomineer Spelling, as recent updates (presumably .net/roslyn) have also retroactively affected older Visual Studio installs, causing the 2015 Spelling to cease working. We have now back-ported the fixes that were required for VS2017 into the previous version and tested in VS 2013 and 2015. The new implementation no longer requires roslyn/intellisense to operate, so also works on non-compiling code.
  • Spelling 2017: Fixed an issue that caused spelling corrections to be suggested occasionally on text outside of doc comments. The new implementation no longer requires roslyn/intellisense to operate, so also works on non-compiling code.
  • Spelling: Improvements to default custom dictionary.
  • Fixed a small bug in the new declaration parser that caused problems for enum members using UPPER_CASE naming style.
  • Internal: improved reporting mechansim for errors and notifications.

February 2018

  • Rewrote the Atomineer Spelling extension to resolve issues in Visual Studio 2017. Several recent changes to the Roslyn engine and some other internals of Visual Studio caused problems with the installer and then the spelling highlighting. In addition, switched the suggestions menu over to use the new Visual Studio 'lightbulb' suggestion system.
  • Improved handling of enum members in the new declaration parser implementation.
  • Improvements to parsing relating to some old C style syntax cases.
  • Fixed an edge case in handling of templated classes
  • Adjusted 'asSee' generated crefs to use double rather than single quotes.
  • Fixed an issue caused by a software update on our web host, which affected some non-essential featues on the account management web page (such as the last downloaded version not being reported correctly).

January 2018

  • Added handling for C-style structs, unions and enums (as in: struct S function() {}).
  • Documentation Editor Improvements
    • Added a new "Add Entry" button. This allows optional entries (e.g. remarks) to be inserted into the documnetation.
    • You can now navigate to the Next/Previous code element using Alt+Down and Alt+Up. (The Alt key binding is used to avoid clashes with Visual Studio's built in bindings)
    • Next/Previous navigation now places the input focus in the first editable field so that you can now fully document an entire file through the editor without needing to use the mouse.
    • Some other small improvements.
  • Fixed a regression in live typing aids that could extend a comment incorrectly if return was pressed on the final line of a /* */ comment.

Older versions

Details of versions from 2009 to this date are archived here

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