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Our international customers include small and large organisations - some of our better known customers include:

3M   ACM   Audi   Avaya   AVG   Baker Hughes   Birds Eye   Boeing   Bosch   Carl Zeiss   Chevron   Cisco
Comcast   Disney Research   Ericsson   Fugro   Fujitsu   General Electric   Havok   Hitachi   Honeywell   IEEE   Infineon   Intel   IAEA
Jeep   Kelvin Hughes   Kongsberg   Laplink   Lockheed Martin   Maptek   Mediacom   Mercedes AMG Petronas F1   Micron   Microsoft
NASA   Navteq   Nielsen   Nokia   Olympus   Philips   Qualcomm   Raytrix   Rockwell   Sandia National Laboratories   Samsung   Seagate   Siemens
SNCF   Sony   Staples   Tektronix   TetraPak   Thales Group   Thomson Reuters   Toshiba   Trimble   US Navy   Westpac

User Reviews


Scott Hanselman's
Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List for Windows

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Here are a selection of typical comments made about Atomineer Pro Documentation by its users:

  • Thank you for making Atomineer, it has made my team more productive and has improved our commenting habits
  • I absolutely love Atomineer and have no idea how I got along before it!
  • Atomineer is beautiful and a great tool, and your quick and detailed response to my questions was amazing.
  • This is an awesome program, and you have no idea how much time you've saved me.
  • If you use Doxygen, DocXML, or JavaDoc to document your code, this tool will do WONDERS for your efficiency.
  • Terrific time saver - and it actually makes smart parameter comments!
  • The most advanced comment-generator utility I have ever seen.
  • I must say that I have been impressed by the great [customer] support.
  • Even people reluctant to use it have shown promising enthusiasm once they installed the tool.
  • Nice work. It's such a timesaver.
  • I bought a copy of your tool and I've been recommending it around ever since. I love it very much and it's been saving me countless hours
  • Pretty impressive. Sometimes I am amazed by the quality of automatically generated documentation.
  • Beautiful plugin.
  • This is an impressive product; clearly, significant effort has been invested in its design and implementation.
  • Very nice tool for doxygen documentation of source code. Great work!!
  • Let me congratulate you for making an excellent add-in, it's being quite useful.
  • I spent four days updating my library documentation with Atomineer. From the about box I see that I used it over 900 times. It undeniably slashed many hours off the time taken.
  • Very cool utility.
  • I am really impressed with it. It certainly seems highly configurable and produces very smart proposals.
  • A fantastic tool.
  • It's very good. Super work.
  • Thank you for a nifty tool!
  • [Atomineer] has proven itself to be very useful
  • A very cool addin, super.
  • ...

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